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Aker BioMarine Team Takes Leadership Positions in Industry Organizations Globally

Lalen Dogan, Managing Director, Aker BioMarine Antarctic Australasia Pty, was recently elected Deputy Chairman of The Omega-3 Centre, an Australasian authority on long-chain (LC) omega-3s and nutritional health. The committee is made up of Australia’s leading omega-3 researchers and is predominately supported by the omega-3 industry. As Deputy Chairman, Dogan will dedicate his time to communicating the health benefits of LC omega-3s and helping to improve community health status.

Expanding on the diversity of its membership, Executive Director, Kevin Krail, said, “Our membership represents a broad group of supporters, including commercial companies that supply omega-3 ingredients, seafood companies, consumer products companies, universities, individuals and even government agencies. We are also closely connected with some of the best omega-3 researchers in Australia and New Zealand, which helps us keep both the media and scientific community updated on the positive health benefits of long-chain omega-3s.”

Like Dogan, other members of Aker’s leadership team are devoted to supporting omega-3 research and developments outside of the company. As examples, Todd Norton, Vice President of Business Development at Aker BioMarine Antarctic US is a Board Member of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), while Becky Wright, Communications & Marketing Manager at Aker BioMarine Antarctic US plays a role on the GOED Communications Committee. Other Aker employees on various GOED committees include Line Johnsen, Director of Regulatory Affairs, who is on the Technical Committee, as well as Nils Hoem, Chief Scientist, and Tove Flem Jacobsen, Vice President of Science & Regulatory Affairs, who are both on the GOED Science Committee.

GOED members are committed to responsibly developing, sustaining and expanding markets for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, while promoting health benefits, supporting public education and safety, establishing ethical business and product quality standards, and advancing government, healthcare and industry relations.

Sigve Nordrum, Aker BioMarine’s Sustainability Director, also holds key positions with various organizations involved in sustainability and research. These include: Chair of the Program Board for the Research Council of Norway; member of the Joint Programming Initiative for Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans); and Chairman of the Board for the Association for Responsible Krill (ARK) Harvesting Companies.

“Aker BioMarine and its employees have always been committed to advancing the omega-3 marketplace outside of Superba(TM) Krill,” said Matts Johansen, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Aker BioMarine. “Their experience and involvement with third party organizations is important to this industry and their roles also enable them to be thought leaders in the omega-3 space.”


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About Superba(TM) KRILL POWDER

SuperbaTM KRILL POWDER is a new offering from Aker BioMarine that is unique in its composition. It is produced aboard a vessel certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) using a patent-pending technology. Superba(TM) KRILL POWDER gives customers the ability to formulate krill ingredients into tablets and other dry form applications.


About Superba(TM) Krill Oil

Superba(TM) Krill is a pure, natural source of the health-promoting EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin. Superba(TM) Krill is unique in that the omega-3 fatty acids are provided in phospholipid form. In vitro, in vivo and human clinical research has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Superba(TM) Krill oil.


About Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine is an integrated biotechnology company dedicated to the sustainable harvesting of krill and development of krill-derived biotech products. The company supplies biomarine ingredients through an optimized value chain. Aker BioMarine’s Superba(TM) Krill products are provided with 100% traceability from sea to shelf. Only Aker’s krill fishery has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.